How Often Are Long Haul Truck Drivers Home?

Long-distance truck drivers usually come home every four to six weeks. If you're a trucker from a city or region, it may be slightly different. Urban or regional drivers can transport trucks of various sizes, but for shorter distances than long-distance drivers. The life of a long-distance truck or land transport (OTR) driver is not for everyone.

Anyone who has been in the industry can tell you that. Long hours and tight deadlines can make it a difficult job. Generally, long-distance drivers will be away from home for two or more weeks and then be back for several days. Some long-distance drivers opt to stay out for months to maximize profits. To give you an idea, on average, an OTR truck driver can be away from their house for two or three weeks straight.

But let's delve deeper into the details. For instance, truckers who drive locally are at home every night, while regional drivers can be home up to three nights a week. Meanwhile, long-distance drivers typically return home every three to six weeks and sometimes work for extended periods. Depending on the trucker career you choose, you'll be away from home for as little as one day or up to a week or possibly several weeks. Local drivers will be home more often, while OTR drivers will be out and about for longer and drive farther.

The truth is that if you're willing to take long trips and spend more time away from home, you're likely to earn those higher salaries. While it's true that there are some truck drivers who spend long periods away from home, there are local job opportunities for CDL drivers who drive them home every day. Of the three major truck driving careers, the job demands of a local truck driver are usually the most predictable. If you're looking for a transportation job with more time at home, regional or local transportation jobs offer much more flexibility. There are some rules from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration about how long and how often a truck driver can work.

In this post, we'll discuss how often truckers are at home, what factors contribute to the flexibility of their schedules, and what requirements may exist in terms of the working hours of truckers. The salary potential is similar to that of OTR drivers, and the frequency with which truckers are at home is about the same in the long term, but they are able to return home more often. Depending on the type of trucker you become, you'll determine exactly how long you'll be away from home. Fortunately, within the trucking industry, truckers have many options to establish a functional work-life balance while enjoying a lucrative and happy career.