What is Long Haul Trucking and Why is it Important?

Long-distance transportation is a type of commercial trucking that involves transporting cargo over a distance of 250 miles or more. It is also known as Over the Road (OTR) transportation.

Long-haul truckers

are responsible for ensuring that the cargo is in good condition before and during the shipping process. They operate heavy trucks and tractor-trailers with a capacity of at least 26,000 pounds of gross vehicle weight.

These drivers are essential for transporting goods in the United States, but they face high labor demands and low control. Short-distance trucking usually involves driving within a 150-mile radius. Unlike long-distance truckers, they are not legally required to record their hours of service. The salaries of some short-distance drivers may be included, but most drivers in this category are long-distance carriers. When it comes to long-distance trucking, it is important to choose an experienced and credible transport company.

Drivers who work for long-distance transportation companies make a lot of personal sacrifices, as they have less time with family and friends and can miss out on many special occasions. However, long-distance trucks are an excellent shipping option, especially when handling large quantities of cargo or when looking to transport many items at once.